Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Wraps Its Work Around Alzheimer’s

Guest:  Jane Mahoney, MD, Professor, UW Division of Geriatrics;  Director, Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute

The Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute was founded in 1998 and is within the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.  It is separate from the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center which was established in 2009 at UW with a grant from the National Institute on Aging.  Both programs are under UW’s School of Medicine and Public Health’s major Initiative to End Alzheimer’sand demonstrate UW’s recognition as a premier Alzheimer’s research center.

On this program, Jane Mahoney, MD, describes the breadth of the Institute’s outreach in Wisconsin and their primary research, the WRAP study, which is the world’s largest longitudinal research study on adults whose parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  The goals are to identify Alzheimer’s early – before symptoms appear – and understand biological, health, and lifestyle factors that increase or decrease risk.

For an overview of where the vast research community is today on identifying the causes, effective treatments, and hopefully a cure for Alzheimer’s, tune in this program.  Learn, also, what you can do to decrease your risk of developing this devastating disease.

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