RECALL Foundation Awards Grants to Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI)

The WAI Milwaukee Regional Office and the WAI Clinic Network have both been awarded grants by the RECALL Foundation!

The WAI Milwaukee Regional Office’s proposal “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Connection” will continue their work with Milwaukee’s underrepresented seniors who are at risk for dementia.  Support from this grant will allow the Milwaukee team to continue their HBHM Connection program and build the community’s capacity to engage in health promotion and increase healthy behaviors among African American older adults. 

The WAI Clinic Network proposal “WAI Quality Cognitive Care (QCC) Initiative” will allow the WAI team to expand our educational resources for the statewide WAI Dementia Diagnostic Clinic Network, evaluate the quality of dementia care provided through these clinics, disseminate written materials and publications on these models, and strengthen our ties with academic colleagues leading other dementia clinic models in California, Indiana, and Georgia.

We are grateful for this support from the RECALL Foundation to continue WAI’s work in increasing dementia awareness, fostering health promotion, and facilitating quality dementia care across diverse communities throughout the state.